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Helping the NHS to reduce the spread of coronavirus

In the face of an epidemic, the NHS is working hard to prevent the spread of coronavirus but concerns remain about the ability of the health service to cope with the virus. 

AI tech improves GP access for thousands of patients in Hull and York

Up to 60,000 patients across Hull and York will now be able to enjoy better access to their GP, thanks to new cutting-edge online triage technology from Finnish-based Klinik Healthcare Solutions.[…]

Breaking the digital barriers

Wider use of digital health services is sometimes prevented by the people’s distrust of technology and doubts about the adequacy of their own skills in using digital tools. Many people still do not[…]

Same-day 24h online contact service to arrive at two York surgeries

Patients from Haxby Group’s Gale Farm and Old Forge Surgeries in York, city in northeast England, can now contact their GP more easily, thanks to a brand new 24h online consultation service.

Tailormade tech: The digital primary care solution going further to create automated and localised patient flow

Ben Wood, Director of Operations & Sales at Klinik Healthcare Solutions UK explains how Klinik, the digital primary care solution is going further to create automated patient flow, which is entirely[…]

Artificial intelligence to change a doctor’s job and to compensate for the shortage of resources in healthcare

Healthcare has reached a turning point. With public healthcare in the UK and elsewhere in the world suffering from a shortage of resources, the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence can,[…]

Health centres in Finland are using an AI model to support the work of nurses and doctors

Finland is a forerunner of using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in public healthcare. Using the service, called Klinik Access, has made the work of nurses and doctors more[…]

Could a Finnish Artificial Intelligence model be the answer to streamlining UK’s health service?

NHS GP waiting times are at their all-time worst but things are set to improve as the leading Nordic tech firm Klinik Healthcare Solutions, launches a groundbreaking algorithm to take charge of the[…]

UK healthcare executives interested in Klinik’s AI-powered solution

  A delegation of British healthcare leaders came to Finland as Klinik’s guests to check out digital solutions in healthcare. The island nation is seeking new and alternative solutions to the[…]

Artificial intelligence brings a 14 % saving on average patient treatment costs, says an Aalto University study

Aalto University conducted a study on the economic impact of using an artificial intelligence-based healthcare service. The service examined in the study was Klinik Access, developed in Finland. The[…]

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