Breaking the digital barriers

Breaking the digital barriers

Wider use of digital health services is sometimes prevented by the people’s distrust of technology and doubts about the adequacy of their own skills in using digital tools. Many people still do not believe that technology-based contact in healthcare could be as reliable as directly speaking with a nurse or a doctor at the practice. People can also be daunted by the large variety of digital services available.

According to a National Institute for Health and Welfare’s study, which studied a use of online services, one fifth of the respondents believed that they lacked the necessary skills to use digital tools. Klinik Access, the online consultation service for primary care, aims to address these concerns.

Klinik proves that people of all ages and backgrounds are using digital tools

Klinik Access online consultation service is used in 400 healthcare units in Finland and in the UK. The data from these healthcare units is consistent: users of all ages use online contact channel and the largest user group are the seniors: 26,2% of the users are over 65 years old.


Senior patients are satisfied with the online consultation service. Linnea Luokkala, from Kokkola, thinks that the easy-to-use service is well suited for senior citizens. Linnea’s own experience of the online consultation service was excellent. She filled in her symptoms to the online service at home with her computer. After that she got an appointment with a doctor and got the right treatment and help for her concern.


Simple user-led service does not require special skills

The easy-to-use online service does not require special skills from the user. The simple user-led service guides patients through selecting the nature of their query, giving their information and letting the surgery contact them with a comprehensive plan of care.

Klinik Access online service provides relief for users from a motley collection of applications because the user does not need to know with which expert they should book an appointment. Whatever the nature of the health concern, Klinik Access is a one-stop service for contacting the practice and receiving instructions on next steps.

haxby_screenshotThe simple user-led service guides patients through selecting the nature of their query.

Digital health service enables patients to access the right care faster

Klinik Access also addresses users’ concerns about the lack of human contact, because it specifically enables patients to contact the right healthcare professionals faster. By shortening queues, the service frees up practice staff's time to genuinely engage with patients.

With Klinik Access patients have 24/7 online access to the healthcare service, the same services as they would have by calling or visiting the GP practice, but quicker. 


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