Klinik believes in working with customers to achieve success

Klinik believes in working with customers to achieve success

At the core of Klinik’s customer service is a belief that customer success is the basis of the company’s operations. This means that the Klinik customer success team does everything it can to provide a service that brings real relief to customers. In Finland, the Klinik online service is in use at over 300 healthcare facilities.

Although cooperation with Klinik does not always start from something being wrong, after the introduction of the Klinik online service, the customer will have fewer problems to deal with.

“Simply put, the team’s work is all about keeping the customers happy and developing the service. This is where it all starts”, says the Customer Success Manager at Klinik, Seidi Erätuli.

Sometimes, the customer is seeking a more effective way to provide their services, alongside existing ones. At other times, the customer wants a change, for example, to situations in which patients are too easily referred to the emergency room or feel that they cannot get through to book an appointment.

Customer first

Seidi says that the key thing about her work is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service.

“In practice, my job is to listen to the needs of the customers and react to them. And if there is a problem, it is part of my job to solve it”, says Seidi.

According to Seidi, close contact is maintained with customers, especially at the beginning of the customer relationship.

“For me, the most important thing in my work is that we do everything the best we can and that customers are satisfied, because customers are our lifeblood. The most rewarding thing about this job is meeting people and realising that you are making others enthusiastic”, says Seidi.

Key Account Manager Mari Kärkkäinen also thinks that the best thing about her job is the people. “Sometimes you are in contact with people who are different from what you expected, or plans may change, but I see these only as positive challenges.”