Klinik’s digital solutions to bring measurable benefits to healthcare

Klinik’s digital solutions to bring measurable benefits to healthcare

The Future Healthcare event in London brought together experts, companies, and other players in healthcare.


Alternatives are frantically being sought around the world to deliver better healthcare at a lower cost. Klinik's digital services stood out from the competition at the Future Healthcare trade event in London. Currently, the worldwide talk in the health trade is of one major problem: how to produce effective care while at the same time decreasing costs? This is a problem that both developed countries and less developed regions are wrestling with.

“For example, in the UK, there are known problems in healthcare, and dangerous situations occur constantly”, says the CEO of Klinik Healthcare Solutions, Hannu Nissinen, who attended the Future Healthcare event in London in March.

According to Nissinen, even with many promising innovations, it is not obvious how they actually improve care and reduce costs – in a measurable way.

“Sometimes reality and sales talk are quite far apart. We at Klinik stand out from the mass in that we measure benefits in concrete terms. We received a lot of praise for this at the event”, says Nissinen.

At Klinik, effectiveness is measured, for example, by the reduced working time of doctors and nurses per patient, and by the shortened medical treatment chain, with fewer visits to the surgery.  

In use at 200 healthcare facilities

The Klinik online service enables a customer to contact a health centre or other healthcare facility at any time of day, and the artificial intelligence-based service provides them with instructions on what to do next. The customer does not need to know the nature of their medical condition. Instead, the underlying algorithm of the service interrupts the appointment-booking request and encourages the patient to seek care immediately, if the symptoms point to a condition requiring emergency care.

In Finland, the Klinik online service is in use at a total of approximately 200 healthcare facilities. Consequently, we have accumulated a lot of information on the effectiveness and benefits of the service.

For example, Tiina Halonen, a nurse in charge of a trial being conducted at the Mehiläinen healthcare unit in Hyvinkää giving patients more choice in health services, says that the medical staff have been very satisfied with the Klinik service.

“This is a very customer-oriented way of providing a service. I personally feel that the digital world should be introduced more and more into healthcare. These services can lower the threshold for people to come to the surgery”, says Halonen.

“The system also helps to reduce the high number of telephone calls. When you come to work and see the requests sent, you immediately know their urgency and can adapt your own working schedule accordingly. It gives structure to the day”, Halonen adds.

The staff working in Vantaa oral healthcare have also been satisfied with the service, because it has, among other things, helped to shorten the call queues.

“The customers have clearly missed an online service, to use at times when it suits them best. Our phone service has been quite busy, so this provides a new channel to contact us”, says Hanna-Mari Kommonen, who works as a development specialist at Vantaa Oral Health Corporation.

Future Healthcare is a two-day exhibition and conference in London, which brings together players in the field of healthcare, from companies and investors to representatives of healthcare organisations. Held this year from 13 to 14 March, the event addressed some of the major challenges in healthcare around the world and the solutions introduced through innovation. The event was attended by more than 4,000 participants from 65 countries.

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