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Meet the team: Medical excellence behind Klinik´s core solution

Photo: Rony, Petteri, Juhani and Ville bring expertise to the team of doctors from their respective areas of specialisation.

Meet the team: New UK-reinforcement helping Klinik set foot in the UK

Klinik is taking the next steps in its mission of entering new markets. At the moment, the biggest leaps are happening in the UK, where the first UK-based recruit for the team has started in his new[…]

Patients in the UK to tell AI computers 'where it hurts'

People in the UK with a toothache or other health problem may in the near future receive their first consultation with artificial intelligence software rather than a GP’s receptionist or private[…]

The NHS in the UK is seeking a system for digital triage

In mid-May, Klinik participated in UK eHealth Week in London. The event brought together healthcare professionals, decision-makers, and providers of information technology solutions. According to the[…]

Klinik receives seven-figure sum in Series A financing

Klinik Healthcare Solutions, a digital health company and provider of clinically proven solutions for condition and urgency recognition, customer segmentation and patient flow management, is to[…]

Klinik to receive Business Finland YIC funding – “a boost to our international growth”

Jari Hänninen and Hannu Nissinen are pleased with Klinik's internationalisation process being boosted by additional funding. Photograph: Jukka-Pekka Flander

AI-based image recognition to make healthcare more efficient

Jukka Happonen socialising with Pepper, the humanoid robot, at the HUS artificial intelligence event.

Soite in Central Ostrobothnia the first to use AI to assess the need for treatment in an emergency

Seidi Erätuli from Klinik (left) and Tanja Salo from Soite were both speakers at the Future Hospital event on 15 March 2018 in Helsinki. Both of them stress the security of the service. The emergency[…]

Klinik’s digital solutions to bring measurable benefits to healthcare

The Future Healthcare event in London brought together experts, companies, and other players in healthcare.

Digital health services with a future in Africa

Klinik's head of sales for emerging markets, Jari Hänninen, and CEO, Hannu Nissinen, enjoyed fruitful discussions at the company's exhibition stand.